Benfield are in SECTION C of this season’s competition which takes place at Rockcliffe on Saturday 10 June and has a 10.30am start.

The team will be listed here once known and should arrive at the venue NO LATER than 10.00am.

If we win our group then the Club will be in the FINAL on Saturday 15 July at Alnwick BC with a 10.30am start. Again arriving NO LATER than 10.00am.

Teams in our group are as follows: Rockcliffe, Backworth, Benfield, Centurion Park and Gosforth. Only the Winners of the group will qualify for the Final.

UPDATE: 10 June… With Gosforth withdrawing because one player did not turn up on the day Benfield effectively played Backworth in the last game to see who would qualify for the Final.

Backworth eventually won out on a day where no-one really could enjoy the games due to heavy rainfall most of the day.